About Seal FloorBoardsTM

Designer & Inventor - John Anderson

My name is John Anderson. I invented the Seal FloorBoardsTM. I did it for me! I’m a Senior Citizen with some physical limitations and started riding late in life. I love riding; for the freedom, power and excitement that all riders love. The problem was, I was starting to feel uncomfortable on two wheels. When I saw the CAN AM SPYDER for the first time, it was love at first sight. I had to have one, no two ways about it. I chose the SE5 Model because the Finger Shift gave me a much greater sense of security rather than having to deal with a clutch and foot shift. To me, it’s all about having fun and feeling safe.

The more comfort, the more fun!

John sitting on his CAN-AM Spyder installed with Seal FloorBoards(TM) - Easy mounting and riding comfort

I didn’t care for the semi-sport riding position for long distances, too hard on my shoulders and back. As a professional sculptor and inventor for over forty years, it was only natural that I would try to improve my seating position and the Foot Peg set-up. For me, they were too small and I had trouble finding the brake quickly. I searched the Internet for floorboards but came up with zip.

“Make your own, son” I told myself, and I did!

view of Seal FloorBoards(TM) - Left Side

I made it for myself, my own comfort. Other CAN AM SPYDER friends and the Dealer I bought my SPYDER from were blown away with my design. The look fit the SPYDER perfectly, it was incredibly strong and comfortable. I moved the brake pedel 2“ forward so I could use either my heel or toe to brake, without ever lifting my foot from the FloorBoard. I prefer using my heel, pivoting on the ball of my foot. With the RT SE5 model, it was not necessary to alter the stock brake at all. I still use the same heel or toe method of breaking as with the RS models.

For those of you who prefer the SM5 series, shifting is super easy. With your toes under the Shift Lever, simply lift your heel to shift up. Your foot never leaves the FloorBoard. Downshifting is the same as you have always done...step down on the Shift Lever.

After much encouragement, I decided to offer these patent pending Seal FloorBoardsTM to other CAN AM SPYDER owners. I have kept it under wraps for almost a year while I perfected a foot shift system for the SM5 but now that’s done, this website is finished and I’m finally ready to offer the patent pending Seal FloorBoardsTM to other lucky CAN AM SPYDER owners. If you choose a Seal FloorBoardsTM system for your SPYDER, I wish you many hours and miles of fun and comfort.